Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pretty much done blogging.  

Thursday, August 27, 2009

in da' hizzy

Here it is.  We're still getting all settled and stuff, so more pics later. But so far we love it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our HouSe is a VEry veRY vEry FIne HouSE

K- So most know, I think, that we finally found THE ONE and bought a house - thus committing to the great state of Colorado.  We love it . . . and the whole situation made for one crazy summer (love that movie).  But, instead of posting house pictures yet, cuz it takes me ages to update, I'll just pop up a nice shot of the munchkins from Father's Day.  This was by our rental house this spring and I have zilch in terms of photog skills (shadows on Dane - hello?) so enjoy casually.  I love these little guys - even if their frequent smackdown sessions make me crazy.  

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh Canada

Off to the Great White North for a fortnight. 

Monday, June 29, 2009

Naked Wood

A month or so ago I picked up an unfinished wood table at a garage sale for $80.  (I love me a good deal! )  Some hours and dirty hands later we had this finished product below. Darren did the final coat of poly and it shines like glass, I tell ya! Well done my love.  Yeah, yeah - I know the chairs don't match, but I don't really like too much matchy matchy stuff.  I'm not sure what to do there . . .   

And here's Davis having some ice cream for lunch.  Just kidding honey!  It's only breakfast.  Sheesh, these pictures look washed out. Too bad, I'm not taking more.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Estes Park

So Colorado is so full of that "purple mountain majesty" that we are all about exploring and staycations.  A couple of weeks ago we rented a cabin up in Estes Park near Rocky Mountain National Park. (like 45 min away to HEAVEN!)  We had fun enjoying the beauty and even a little snow. Yes, I said/wrote SNOW! I tell ya, it was cool - and I mean both kinds.   {Sidenote - I'm not being narcissistic by including so many pics of me, it's just that I realized that like 1 - 2% of my pics have me in them, so it might be nice to have some with the kids. I'm not dying of cancer, but as the official family photographer I have to document myself as well. This self - portrait technique is courtesy of Rachel. Kthnxby.} 


So listen, I'm no athlete - but I likey to run.  'Tis my therapy, for real.  And so as a surprise my loverly sister Jenni flew out to run the BOLDERBOULDER 10K road race with me over Memorial Day.  Isn't she nice?  The weather was perfect and the course was fun - complete with people along the way offering beer and bacon (really people? bacon?) and spraying us with hoses and runners taking time out to make a slip-n-slide run.  The 6.2 mile course ends in CU stadium (up a rad {not} hill) where you take a victory lap. So get this, I didn't know it ended with a lap - I thought you hauled it up the raunchy hill and then got spit into the stadium to collapse.  So what did I do? I booked it up that hill beyond top speed (finish strong, eh?) and then went in the stadium and hullo?!? I trotted gingerly 'round the track and finished. It was kinda my cool down 'cuz I was spent. Plus all the other runners were in my way looking for family. (Another point - who is so annoying as to WALK - three people deep - on the inside of a turn?)

Getcha Harry Potter On

Calling all Harry Potter nerds! (myself included) It's officially time to start re-reading #6 to be ready for the movie.  Are you as excited as I am? I'm sure I missed plenty the first two times I read it and so here we go again. And I think I'm finally to the point that I can read the book and see the movie right away with minimal disappointing comparisons. The last few movies have been exponentially better, in my not-so-humble opinion.  But I think Twilight taught us to lower our expectations and just accept the fact that the books are always better. Plus - film is a different medium, right? Content will be tweaked, so that's that.  Bonus - this film is rated PG, so the kiddos can see it!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Paper Guns 2

Mr. Picasso Head

The boys love Mr. Potato head, especially Davis. He puts them together with one intent: to fill every hole. No facial structure whatsoever. So the other day we were playing and Dane wanted to pretend we were a family. So his potato was the son and mine was the mom. Davis had a potato as well, but Dane said "Um, can we pretend Davis is the brother - but he's an alien?" Sure. He's got three arms on one side, so it only seems fitting that he's our alien brother.